Team Review: Nick: SUGMACOK S9

I’m not a huge fan of writing team blogs because I feel that normally my team is all aware of how I feel about the team and each individual. Recently, I learned that this was not the case. I debated on writing this but after reading what I believe to be false claims that were publicly announced, I feel that I should do the same to address it. So here we go.

The Team:


If you don’t feel like reading the blog, this basically sums up how the teams season went.

I had high hopes for my team this season but we weren’t able to perform as well as the other teams participating in LD2L this season. I was able to enjoy the first couple series of games, BUT as the season went on, both my team and I lost whatever spark we had to have a chance at winning games. I take responsibility for my teams poor record and hope that they can forgive me, especially with the high hopes we all had for the season. However, due to the circumstances of the season, I don’t regret any of the choices I made during our season.

Before I continue, I would like to state that my team will be disbanding for the rest of S9. I’m not aware if this comes with any repercussions but at this point I will take it. I’m not going to force people to play games on a team they don’t seem to enjoy. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my team, it just didn’t synergize well.


If you haven’t given it a read yet and want another view of the team, here is Onegu’s blog of the team.

I will admit I was saddened to see him take his concerns to this extreme, but I will address them later in the blog. I would have much rather addressed them in the team discord or in a DM but that seems to no longer be possible. So, on to the next portion of the blog.

The Teammates:

EvolutionPyro: After a winning season, the only former “Iowa Boy” AKA person I know in real-life that I drafted was EvolutionPyro. Great offlaner and great bud of mine, I was hoping that with us two alone, we would already dominate as a team. The only problem with that was we both play “Stupid-Dota.”

Stupid-Dota: Playing with the mentality that you can play any hero in any position or build any item on any hero. Can vary in how religious one person is towards Stupid-Dota. People who play Stupid-Dota do not want to grief, although it can easily look like griefing from an outside perspective.

The one game our team won this season, we had an Io offlane. Does Stupid-Dota work? It depends on the game.

Did Stupid-Dota work for our team synergy? No. After learning this, both Evan and I suffered a pretty big nerf to our playstyle.

EvolutionPyro if he has to play a third season with me :D

EvolutionPyro will always be my boy and anybody who has talked to him and myself could understand why. I can’t really elaborate on that but he is the top offlaner in the regular LD2L which should be reason enough to draft him. On top of that, he is actively willing to learn and improve in a way which seems like future captain material. However, the only thing holding him back is his own mentality. 60% of the time it’s joking with 40% of the time it being hardcore tilting, but many outsiders can’t tell the difference. It can be hard to keep a team rallied and willing to play when one of the best players is “freaking out” even if it is him just messing around and trying to have fun. I find it funny but I can’t speak for everybody.

Huh?: Huh was one of the 3 returners I brought back and this time, he was playing full-time in a new position. We bonded last season very well due to us both living in the Midwest and having such Midwest vibes with our Midwestern accents and Midwest style of playing Dota 2.

He sent me his Tinder profile for review and I would say it looks pretty good

I know I said I would draft him again but let me elaborate.

Would I draft him again to play Support? No.

Would I draft him to play Safelane Carry? Yes.

First season I had him, it is completely understandable to have someone play support when they are brand new to the game and learning the basics. This season, I felt a little bad making him play support again but I tried to compensate for it by making him full-time. He seemed to enjoy both seasons and personality-wise was a good fit for myself. However I just think he is naturally more interested in playing Carry. He was one of the two people on my team who seemed interested in learning their mistakes and improving their general gameplay. The only issue is that in his free Dota 2 time, he is going to be playing Carry. I refuse to be the kennel that holds this dog any longer. “Huh?” is basically the dark-side version of Melchior but a year or two behind. As long as he keeps playing and practicing, he will be a hidden gem next season.

I don’t know what to put here so uhhhh

NewCouchDay: My longest teammate ever with now 3 consecutive seasons, I didn’t feel like breaking the streak for season 9. I mean, would you be able to break the streak with a beloved Canadian teammate after he sends you this long and thoughtful message?

NewCouchDay will always be one of my loyal slaves for a while now taking on a hefty role once Ravi finally escaped my grasp. However he is in the process of doing something I have never seen before. He is trying to escape Dota 2. I don’t know if real-life stuff is consuming more of his time or if he is just not interested in the game anymore, but he has spend considerably less time playing Dota 2 since this season started compared to previous seasons. He was reliable for showing up to games but beyond that he didn’t want to play any more than he had too. I can respect the escape if that’s what he is trying to do and I wish him the best of luck. If it was because you were stuck on my team again, I say M Y B a d.

Molski: Old Man Molski and I started off like two dogs on opposite sides of a fence. We didn’t really understand each other and so we just sort of barked at each other. I’m sure having somebody significantly younger than you telling you what to do with less hours in the game is frustrating and I get it. My little brother who started Dota 2 basically just this year is about to hit ancient and I’m about to drop to crusader again. However, I don’t know when it was, but at some point during our season, someone removed the fence between Molski and I. So we just sort of sat there and got along. I have no idea when this happened but I appreciated it. Molski would occasionally pub with me if we were both on and not in a match and he genuinely enjoys playing support which made it easier for me.

It was a rough start for us two.

Molski and I had a rough start but I feel like I didn’t get enough time playing with Molski when we started playing like a team and not like we were pub-mates. Besides the picture above, he seemed interested in learning more about Dota 2 and what improvements can be made. As much as he told me he didn’t play Soft Support, he surprised me with how well he played it. I am almost convinced his Soft Support is better than his Hard Support even though I’m sure he disagrees. Either way, I feel responsible for what happened this season and if opportunity comes, I would be honored to run it back with you next season. Just do me one favor and try and get your sleep schedule fixed.

Real life picture of Molski playing Dota 2 at 3am

Onegu: Deathrocket’s Season 8 Carry Player returned for another season and since I needed a carry player, I decided to snag the bag and draft Onegu. Upon initially meeting Onegu he seemed fairly laid back and quiet rarely speaking when the team was all together. Not a problem considering the discord was already filled with EvolutionPyro whispering, “I don’t want to play anymore.” I thought I had a core dream lineup. It sadly, did NOT work out.


I don’t know if it’s because I had too high expectations for Onegu or what our team issue was but I don’t think our team won Safelane a single game which is rough. My huge issue here is that in the Learn Dota 2 League, there is two things you can for each position. The first option is you can put a player in a position they are comfortable with and use that to win games. The other option you can do is put someone in a new position to have them learn and develop skillsets to get better. Hopefully both come true but you can really only wish for one. I was hoping for the first option to be the case but somehow, he managed to impress me and make neither happen. Not playing well is one thing, but not being willing to learn is a frustrating feature to have with a teammate. The only game I played with Onegu this season that I was impressed with was his game on Wraith King which we still lost. That game seemed to be the only time he really communicated with the team. Besides that, the experience was similar to playing a bot game. I wish you the best of luck in future seasons, but due to you not wanting to learn and publicly bashing the team, I can say with 100% positivity it won’t be on my team.

Before the Blog Ends:

My last note before I end probably my longest blog ever is Onegu’s concerns with the team. I will admit I am flustered and agitated right now while typing this due to him publicly calling out my team but I will answer the concerns to the best of my ability.

Concern 1:

If you want control then captain again.

Concern 2:

We had a team two-game scrim right off the bat against Gotham’s team. As for afterwords, our team never had an official scrimmage but we played a lot of ranked together which you were never on to participate.

Concern 3:

This is referring to me putting a team scrimmage together.

See Below

The effort was there, the team schedule was not, hence the lack of “official scrims”

I did not enjoy writing this blog at all and now I need a drink or smoke so gn everybody and godspeed pilgrim.




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